1: Taraji P Henson, star of Empire, reveals she fired her team for missed opportunities after the show's success.

2: Henson, who played Cookie Lyon, wanted more professional roles to capitalize on her popularity.

3: The actress took control of her career post-Empire to secure the opportunities she deserved.

4: Henson's decision to fire her team shows her determination to succeed in Hollywood.

5: After Empire ended, Henson focused on finding projects that showcased her talent.

6: The actress's bold move highlights the importance of advocating for oneself in the industry.

7: Through hard work and perseverance, Henson continues to thrive in the entertainment world.

8: Henson's story serves as inspiration for aspiring actors to take charge of their careers.

9: Taraji P Henson's journey demonstrates the power of self-advocacy and determination in achieving success.